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What is Sequential Numbering? – A Simple Guide

Sequential numbering is a term used in the printing industry to describe the process of printing numbers in a consecutive order. When it comes to NCR (No Carbon Required) Books or Pads, this means that each sheet in the document starts with a certain number (for example, 00001) and the numbers continue to increase in a sequential manner throughout the rest of the document.
What is Sequential Numbering

Sequential Numbering

Sequential Numbering refers to the printing of numbers in sequential order. In respect to NCR Books / Pads, each sheet is given a start number ( say 00001) and the numbering continues throughout the document in ascending numerical order.

NCR books are a popular product in many businesses due to their ability to create instant duplicates of handwritten documents such as receipts, personalised invoice books, Delivery dockets or forms.

The special coating on the paper sheets allows anything written on the top sheet to be automatically copied onto the sheets below, eliminating the need for a separate carbon copy sheet.

We can apply sequential numbering to a variety of products that we manufacture, including NCR Pads/Books/Loose Sets, Continuous NCR Forms, Register Sets, Desk/Note Pads, and Letterheads.

This feature is particularly useful for invoices and receipts, as it provides a unique reference for each order or transaction. For instance, if you have a query about “Invoice #0478,” you can easily locate the exact copy in your records, ensuring it matches your customer’s copy.

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Ink for sequential numbers

The numbering is done in red ink as the standard choice. The sequence can start from any number you specify, with a minimum of 3 digits and a maximum of 7 digits. As long as there’s sufficient space, we can place the number in any position on the sheet.

If you prefer, we can also include a prefix of your choice in the numbering, such as “INV0001.” Please note that the prefix and the number are not printed simultaneously.

The prefix must be included in the correct position on your artwork on the printing plate. After your artwork is printed, we then add the sequential number next to the pre-printed prefix.

The size of the numbering digits is approximately equivalent to Arial 18pt. This information is useful when designing your artwork to ensure you leave enough room for the numbering. We recommend that any prefix should be approximately the same size.

Positioning of sequential numbers

we can put the sequential numbering anywhere on the design as per the customer choice, please specify where we need to put these while ordering online.

Our ordering system is designed to facilitate sequential numbering with repeat orders. We keep record of the last number printed on the books.

The numbering will continue from the last number of your previous order, ensuring a smooth and consistent numbering sequence across all your documents.

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